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How to obtain Migratory E-TICKET for Dominican Republic

Updated: Apr 14

Easy, Free and Online:

At Surfbreak Cabarete we want to make sure our guests have all the documents they need before arriving to the Dominican Republic.

Chilling spots at Surfbreak Cabarete

Surfbreak Cabarete guests enjoying the beauty of Encuentro Beach.


Before you set off for this tropical paradise, it's very important to

familiarize yourself with the entry requirements.

The Migratory E-Ticket, a digital document that all travelers must obtain before ENTERING and EXITING the country.


This digital ticket facilitates the immigration process upon arrival in the Dominican Republic. Without a valid Migratory E-Ticket, you may encounter delays or difficulties when passing through immigration control.

Here's a step-by-step guide for Surfbreak Cabarete guests to help you obtain your Migratory E-Ticket:

1) Visit the official site:

Take in consideration that the E-Ticket must be a free procedure so do not follow any other website that asks for a payment to deliver the document.

Ismael head of ITT

Make sure it is the official site by confirming it looks like the image above.


2) Choose the option "E-TICKET Application":

Follow all the steps to complete the online application form. If you are traveling with your family, you can include all the members on the same form. Make sure you add the number of people additional to you when you are asked at the beginning of the process.

3) Provide all the Required Information:

You'll be asked to provide personal information such as your full name, passport details, travel dates, and contact information. Make sure that all information is entered accurately to avoid any discrepancies.

4) Address information for Surfbreak Cabarete Guests:

Choose the option "Airbnb" on the list. Then fill up with the following information on the corresponding fields:

- Provincia: Puerto Plata

- Municipio: Sosúa

- Sector: Cabarete

- Calle y número: Calle del Rancho 11, Playa Encuentro

5) Receive Confirmation:

After successfully completing the form process, you will get your Migratory E-Ticket containing a QR code and you will be able to choose to save it as a pdf file and/or send it to your email inbox. You can also print a physical copy to carry with you during your travels.

An example of an E-Ticket taken from the official site.


6) Present the E-Ticket Upon Arrival:

Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, present your Migratory E-Ticket along with your passport to immigration authorities for verification. Once your documents are processed, you'll be granted entry into the country to begin your Dominican adventure!




  • You can complete the form 48 Hs. prior to your departure, so make sure you complete it with time to avoid last minute rush.

  • You need to fill a new E-TICKET when you are going back home. Just follow the same procedure.

  • Take in consideration that if you stay over 30 days, you will have to pay a tax depending on the time exceded when you leave the country. (Reference price list: 30 to 90 days: RD$3.500 / 3 to 9 months: RDS5.600 / 9 to 12 months: RD$7.000 / 12 to 18 months: RDS9.100, etc. Prices may vary over time.)

Aerial image of amazing Encuentro Beach waiting for you to join the action!


Obtaining the Migratory E-Ticket is a vital step in preparing for your trip to the Dominican Republic. Follow the simple steps outlined above and ensure your tranquility while going through the immigration process. Have a safe travels!


If you have additional doubts about how to obtain the E-Ticket, you can access the official site to see a guided video and the FAQ's section with further information.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more details or any other piece of advice.

At Surfbreak Cabarete we are always happy to help :)

If you don't have a reservation yet, check availability and prices here!

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