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Santo Domingo (SDQ) to Surfbreak Cabarete

How to get from Santo Domingo “Las Americas International Airport” (SDQ) to Surfbreak Cabarete B&B:

Chilling spots at Surfbreak Cabarete


We are launching our first Blog entry with information about a frequently asked question; "How to get from Santo Domingo Airport to Surfbreak Cabarete B&B".


So, if you are still planning your trip to the DR and are wondering which is the best way to get to our door... In this post you will find a detailed explanations of two options we usually recommend to our guests with some useful tips you cannot miss out:

From Santo Domingo (SDQ) to Surfbreak Cabarete:

A) By Taxi

A Private Taxi will cost US$ 190.- up to 5 people with Ismael, our trustful taxi driver.

Ismael head of ITT

Say hi to Ismael :) , he is the head of ITT (Ismael Transfer Tours S.R.L) and the person who manages all our requests for taxi services for our guests.


We recommend you to book your way with him in advance through WhatsApp:

+1 (829) 908-2427 – He speaks both Spanish and English.

At Surfbreak Cabarete we are always happy to help our guests arrange this service; in which case we would need you to send us your flight information. Either way, the asigned driver will be waiting for you outside the secured area with a sign with your name written on it.

If you are one of those who prefer to take the chance to look for a taxi yourself upon arrival, make sure you agree a price with the driver before jumping into a random taxi.

The advantage of booking Ismael is that he knows where we are located, so you will have to give him no indications, just let him know you are heading to Surfbreak Cabarete.


Travel time by taxi from door to door: 3,5 hours.

From Santo Domingo (SDQ) to Surfbreak Cabarete:

B) By Bus – “Caribe Tours” is the Bus Company

There are two Caribe Tours Bus stations in Santo Domingo:

Caribe Tours Bus station

Source: Caribe Tours website.



“Las Americas station”: it is the closest to the Airport (see location)

  • It will take you approx. 13 min to get there.

  • A taxi can cost us$17 – rd$1000.

  • Last bus to Cabarete leaves at 5.30pm (if you are arriving later than 5.30, you will need to get to the following one).

“Central Station” in Santo Domingo city: (see location)

  • It will take around 30/40 mins. to get there from the airport.

  • A taxi can cost us$25/30 (Uber can work too, maybe around us$20/25).

  • The last bus to Cabarete leaves this Station at 7.30pm.



  • You will buy a ticket to SOSUA (the station that works for Cabarete).

  • Ticket will cost $550 Dominican pesos (around US$10).

  • You can only pay the ticket in Dominican Pesos so make sure you exchange some money at the airport before you get there (THE CHAGE RATE AT THE AIRPORT IS NOT GOOD AT ALL, SO MAKE SURE YOU ONLY CHANGE THE MINIMUM YOU WILL NEED).

  • You will find buses leaving every hour starting from 6:00 am.

  • There is no need to buy tickets in advance. Showing up 10 to 15 minutes before the departure time is enough.

  • It is possible that the bus stops at La Vega, in this case you will have to change buses and wait for the one going to Sosúa to come. Remember to take your bag with you.

  • All the information about the timetable of the buses is online at Caribe Tours website, but it often doesn’t work well unfortunately :/

  • Bonus Track: Make sure you bring a coat with you on the bus as they sometimes put the AC really high and it can get freezing inside. Also, some units have Wifi :)


Travel time by bus from the bus station to Sosúa: around 4/4.30 hrs. (depending on the stop at La Vega).


Sosua Caribe Tours new Bus Station

Sosúa's new Caribe Tours bus station.


It will take around 10-15 minutes to get from Sosúa to Surfbreak Cabarete.


  • Private Taxi: will cost around RD$600 Dominican Pesos (US$12). We always recommend calling Ismael. His WhatsApp is +1 (829) 908-2427. Let him know you are heading to Surfbreak Cabarete. We can also help you book this way. Otherwise, you can get any other taxi on the street, make sure to agree a price before jumping in.

  • Public Guagua or carrito: will cost $40 Dominican Pesos (less than US$1).

  • "Motoconcho" (Mototaxi): will cost $300 Dominican Pesos (US$6).

(If you take a public transport, make sure you mention you are heading to “COCO NO PAN” or “ENCUENTRO EL FURGON” so they can stop at the right point of the main road for you to jump off). Once you are there, follow the indication on the map below to get to our door.

Map of indication to go from main road to Surfbreak Cabarete

Map to come from the main road to Surfbreak Cabarete front door.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more details or any other piece of advice.

At Surfbreak Cabarete we are always happy to help :)

If you don't have a reservation yet, check availability and prices here!

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